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9-tego sierpnia ERC ogłosiło ostateczny komunikat do wszystkich aplikujących o ERC Starting Grant 2017 poprzez participant portal informując ich o wyniku oceny.

Oto podział:

  • 406 główna lista wniosków
  • 6 rezerwowa lista wniosków
  • 177 niefinansowanych wniosków (As)
  • 328 odrzuconych wniosków (Bs)

Termin wnoszenia odwołań wynosi 30 dni od otrzymania pisma (8/09/2017).


Poniżej przedstawione zostały zmiany w "Information for Applicants to the ERC Synergy Grant Schemes" pomiędzy draftem i ostateczną wersją (v.1):

Dodatkowe zapisy zaznaczone podkreśleniem poniżej:

Strona 26:

The terms and conditions laid down in the ERC Model Grant Agreement address how scientific publications must be made available through Open Access. Applicants should be aware that it will be mandatory to provide Open Access (free of charge, online access for any user) to all peer-reviewed scientific publications relating to results from ERC projects funded through this call. This includes long-text publications such as monographs and book chapters. Open Access can be ensured through green or gold Open Access-routes, and Open Access must in any case be ensured through a repository at the latest 6 months after publication (12 months for publications from the Social Sciences and Humanities). Please see Article 29.2 of the ERC Model Grant Agreement for more details, or contact Ten adres pocztowy jest chroniony przed spamowaniem. Aby go zobaczyć, konieczne jest włączenie w przeglądarce obsługi JavaScript..

Strona 24: The applicant should list (if applicable):

1.       Publications (up to five for Starting Grant and up to ten for Consolidator Grant) in major international peer-reviewed multi-disciplinary scientific journals and/or in the leading international peer-reviewed journals, peer-reviewed conferences proceedings and/or monographs of their respective research fields, highlighting those as main author or without the presence as co-author of their PhD supervisor (properly referenced -including all authors-, field relevant bibliometric indicators may also be included); preprints24 are also acceptable;

Footnote 24:  Preprints should be freely available from a preprint server; they should be properly referenced and either link to the preprint or a DOI should be provided.

Strona 12: Deletion of the sentence in red below:

Section 3 - Budget concerns information about the total estimated project costs and the requested EU contribution. The amount given in the online financial form (section 3) must correspond exactly to the information provided in the research proposal text (Part B2, section c, resources). Please ensure that all costs are given in whole Euros (integer), not thousands of Euros, and must exclude value added tax (VAT).

Explanatory note: Please note that in most cases the VAT is eligible under H2020 Work Programme. The article 6.5 (a)(ix) of the H2020 MGA indicatesthat only deductible VAT is ineligible (for more info see also pages 120-121 of the H2020 AGA) and, articles 126.3 FR and 187 RAP explain in detail that a value added tax is eligible where it is not recoverable under the applicable national VAT legislation and is paid by a beneficiary other than a non-taxable person.


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